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Topic: I want to learn more about <finish this sentence>.

Questions that will help me learn about my topic:
Need help thinking of good questions? Here are some question starters.
1.Did the brothers and sisters get along=
2.When someone dies how do they handle it=
3. When they get married does both husband and wife's family become relatives= yes they do
4. Are the families in the same colony=
5.Does each family live to gather=
6.How do they celebrate weddings = they do not have a ceremony
7.What kind of traditions do they celebrate =
8.How do they celebrate a holiday=
9.How do they survie together=
10.What type of traditional dances do they do=

Take your notes here. Use bullet points to separate your notes. Cite your notes so that you remember where they came fro

  • If a couple lived together for a year they were considered married (3)
  • Each long house was the home of a clan (1)
  • People in the same clan often lived in different villages(1)
  • A long house was made up of 15 to twenty families.
  • Embers of the families included parents and children but a clan also fits aunts uncles cousins and nieces
  • The head of the clan was the matron or clan mother
  • People were not aloud to mary members in there same Dodem. (3)
  • There was no wedding ceremony(3)
  • Women marred at 15 men married at age 19 to 20 (3)
  • The kids where apart of the dads Dodem (3)
  • All members of the Dodem are called brothers and sisters. (3)
  • Each long house was the home of a clan (1)
    • Marriages were organized by the mothers (1) If a couple lived together for a year they were considered married (3)
  • Any kids born to the couple were part of the wife's clan (1)
  • The mom got to name the kids (3)
  • The couples spent the first year of marriage with the brides parents
  • The Potawatomi families ELDERS lived to gather . (2)
  • The family wold be abel to visit the elders.(2)
  • The kid life is hard ages 8 - 12 have to work on there parents farm all day (2).
  • Ages 10and up have to collect sea food.(2)
  • Bigger families split apart and moved to smaller tons(2)
  • When a man marries a woman the man moves in to the wires clan - long house (1)
  • People from different tribes where not abele to mary (1)
  • People cold marry from different dodems (1)
  • When you marry from a different dodems the man went to the wires dodem (1)

Copy and paste URLs to good websites or databases that you find here. It will make it easy for you to visit those good websites next time you work on your project!
  1. life in a longhouse village pg 10 11
  2. bcs mida senter web site
  3. life in anishinabe camp

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