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Three Ideas In Action!


Our Lifeboat Experiment



The Pendulum:

-A variable is anything that you can change in an experiment that might affect the outcome.
-A mass hanging from a fixed point that is free to swing is called a pendulum.
-The number of swings of a pendulum might be affected by mass, length, or starting position.

April 18, 2012- Making and Testing Our First Pendulum

Experiment: We made a swinger (or pendulum) and tested how many times it swung in 15 seconds. It swung 26 times. One swing for us equaled one touch to each side. It swung each side 26 (twenty-six) times. We held it at the top and let it go. We tested it only twice. The second we got 23 swings. We held it at about a 180 degree angle. We used a online stopwatch to make sure we got the right amount of swings in 15 seconds.

April 25, 2012- Pendulums in Different Sizes

Experiment: We made two new pendulums. One is 20 centimeters long, one is 90 centimeters long. Every science group is making 2 different sizes and testing them to make a chart that shows what sizes get how many swings.
Results: The 20 centimeter swinger got 18 swings in all. The 90 centimeter one got 8 swings in all.

May 16, 2012

We finished our lifeboat experiment today.