Fawaz, Jake and Storm
Science Projects
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A pendulum
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1.Our Pendulum Project

Matierials:A penny, masking tape, yardstick, a timer(or you can just count), string (50 cm or more), and a paperclip.

Our goal: See how many times the pendulum swings in fifteen seconds.

  1. Tie the paper clip to the string.
  2. Measure the string.
  3. If the string is more than 38 cm, tie a loop so the string measures 38cm.
  4. Wrap some tape around the loop so it will stay.
  5. Slip the penny in the paper clip.
  6. Wrap the loop around something or just hold the loop.
  7. Hold the paper clip so it is the same height of the loop.
  8. Set the timer to fifteen seconds.
  9. Let go the same time you start the timer. If needed, you can get another person to help!
  10. Count the swings for fifteen seconds!

Conclusion:We got twenty-six swings.
Bonus:Change the amount of pennies
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2. Our Lifeboat Project

Materials: One tub, 30 pennies, a sharpie or marker that will stand out, dictionary or big book, paper cup, ruler or tape measure or something to measure with, scissors, and possibly a towel or something to wipe up water with.

  1. Fill up the tub with warm water.(not to hot)
  2. Take the book or dictionary and measure three cenimeters up the book.(with the ruler of measuring tool.)
  3. Open the book to the page as high as three centimeters.
  4. Stick the pen or sharpie inside the page and shut the book.
  5. Take the cap off the pen.
  6. Take the paper cup and put it touching the pen's tip.
  7. Turn the cup very slowly so there is a line.
  8. Cut on the line with the scissors and throw away the top half.
  9. Put the bottom half on the water in the tub.
  10. Drop pennies slowly in the cup and spread them aroung in the cup.
  11. See how many pennies it takes to sink the boat!

Conclusion: Our boat wasn't exactly 3 centimeters, so we got twenty six passengers
Here is a picture of us experimenting.