To learn about pendulums go to this website : What's a pendulum anyways?


Day 1 Building a swinger

How many times our swinger swung in 15 seconds:

First Time we got 23 Swings

Second time we got 26 swings

Third time we got 24 swings

Last time we got 25 swings

Overall we got 23-26 swIngs


Day 2 Testing Swinger with pencil

Fist try: 12 swings

Second try: 12 swings

Third try: 13 swings

Forth time: 13 swings

Overall we got 12-13


With three pennies

First try: 12 swings

Second try: 13 swings

Third try: 12 swinga


Day 3
We made a 170cm swinger
The other one was 15cm swinger


Fourth Day

170 got 6 swings

40 got 12 swings

15 got 22 swing

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