Ann & Erica

Topic: We want to learn more about how the Huron people were educated.

Questions that will help me learn about my topic:
Need help thinking of good questions? Here are some question starters.
1. What kind of schools did they go to ? Did they go to school?
2. How did they educate people? Lecture? Activities?
3. How often did they go to school/have lessons?
4. How old were people when they got educated?
5. Did they only educate boys? Girls, too? If both, was it different?
6. What kind of things did they learn? Math/science/history/language arts?
7. Who taught them? Teachers? Parents?
8. Did they have special clothes for schools?
9. Was there a special building for school/teaching?
10. How long were they taught for? All day? Specific times? What ages?

Take your notes here. Use bullet points to separate your notes. Cite your notes so that you remember where they came from!
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Copy and paste URLs to good websites or databases that you find here. It will make it easy for you to visit those good websites next time you work on your project!
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Plan for your Final Product
What are you going to create to share what you have learned?
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Final Product
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