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Traverse city by nicolae
Fayette By Elle
Grace.B Mackinaw bridge
Ahmed Isle Royale


  1. Create a new wiki page for your group.
    • Name the page the title of your place and your first names -- remember to capitalize proper nouns! For example: Lake Orion by Ann.
    • Use the template "Michigan Places."
    • Tags: engage, miplaces, your username
    • When you create your page, immediately change the title from "Name of Place" to the name of your place. Remember to capitalize!
    • Save!
  2. Visit the website (see below) that is specific to your place. Read and explore the site to learn about the place.
  3. Take notes on a separate sheet of paper or at the bottom of your wiki page. Remember that you only have to take notes on fact-based information. You will form your own opinions about this place on your own!
  4. Mrs. Truesdell will teach you how to find additional information using a search engine. Then, you can try Google or Ask Kids to find more information.
  5. Read and take notes using at least two more websites. Be sure that you are copying and pasting the links to the websites on your wiki.
  6. Read your notes, and add the best or more interesting information to your wiki page.
  7. Add maps, photos, videos, and/or links in appropriate sections. Use the links below or use Creative Commons to find your pictures.
  8. Cite your sources! This includes websites that you used for information, pictures, and maps.
  9. If you finish early, create a presentation about your place. Think "Pure Michigan."



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