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Topic: I want to learn more about <HUNTING! and what did they eat.>.

Questions that will help me learn about my topic:
Facts about the tribe.
Need help thinking of good questions? Here are some question starters.
1.what kind of crops did they grow? maize,beans,squash,pumpkins,sunflowers,tomatoes,potatoes,sweet potatoes,wild rice,papayas,chocolate,avocados,peanuts,and gourds.
2.what kinds of weapons did they use to hunt? bow and arrow,spear,knifes and swords,snares,dead falls ,log, and nets
3.what kinds of animals did they hunt in the winter? fish,deer,rabbits,minks,foxes,bear,elks,beavers,ducks and geese.
4.what kinds of animals did they bring to the village?moose,fish,beavers
5.what was a lot of tepees made of? sticks,leather,animal fur
7.what did they hunt? moose,fish,beavers,geese,duck,bears,foxes,elks,minks,rabbits and deer.
8.how were they camouflage? they used animals skins.
9.did they bring there food for the whole village?yes they did.
10.what instromits did they use for farming? Mamos,shovel,hoes,and a deer jaw,

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