1. Lisa, Jake, Bridget

2. Sydney, Brenden, Max, Audrey

3. Shin Be, Patrick, David

4. Elle, Phillip, Xavier, Ava

5. Jordyn, Nick H., Richard

6. Nick C., Laurent, Alex

7. Ian, Wasey, Conor, Madeline

8. Brody, Elyse, Ahmed

Mrs. Mali's Sample page

Meet with your group and create your team page and link it to your names above. PLEASE REMEMBER TO TAG EVERYTHING WITH ALL USERNAMES AND ECO. You will need to list three goals you have as a team for this unit. For example, what do you hope to accomplish?

Then, you need to add the following to your team page:

Ecosystem Labs

Terrarium Observations

Aquarium Observations

Ecosystems Picture Dictionary

*We will CREATE and LINK the four above pages next class. Please DO NOT create them today.

Create and link the above four pages and then work on getting your group picture taken and uploaded. Then, feel free to use the remaining time to make your page look fabulous!

Today you will begin lesson one. You will complete the K and W of the KWL chart. Please remember to press SAVE before closing your brower! Have fun!

Today we will look at each team's page and discuss what we know and want to know about ecosystems. Then, we will look at the desert and marsh ecosystems and answer the provided questions. After putting the computers away, we will go outside to collect materials for our terrariums.

Today we will set our our terrariums! Please get your digital device if you have one. I will also put pictures in the T:drive for you to use.

Morning: We will discuss the KW parts of the chart and then discuss the environment observations. Your group's role is to make any necessary additions or changes so your group's page is accurate.
Afternoon: You will observe your aquarium and terrarium - please water your terrarium. Next, you will work on the wiki entries from the previous lessons, 3 and 4.

Work on missing entries.

Working from lesson six, we will work back through lesson five. While you work, I will bring isopods and crickets for you to observe before adding to your terrarium. We will also water your terrariums.

Work on finishing lessons five and six. Groups 1-4 will work on lesson five and then present to class. Groups 5-8 will work on lesson six and present to class. When finished with your group's assignment, work back in lessons 2, 3 and 4 to add any missing information.

Today we will make an aquarium and terrarium observation. Then, your groups will be paired up to complete lesson five and six. When you finish lessons five and six, go back through four, three and two and discuss your findings.