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1. What did they where to a party? 1
2. What food did they have at a party?
3. What were some traditions they did at parties? 1
4. What did they do at the parties? 1
5. Who were the people who plan together the parties?
6. What were some of the parties about? 1
7. Where were the parties taken place?
8. What ceremonies do they have in the spring? 1
9. What food did they have at parties? 1
10. What games did they have at the parties? 1

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  1. After spending a long winter apart, bands reunited to build summer villages.
  2. One of the parties they had was the first fruit ceremonies.
  3. They had dancing, games, and contest.
  4. Having big feast and dressing up.
  5. On some acagins they wore masks to scare away evil sprites and ghost.
  6. Ojibway Moccasin Game and Stickball and Lacrosse for games and sports.
  7. Traditionally Ojibwa food has been hunted down, hauled from the water hole or gathered from the forests and along the waterways.
  8. They have there parties at there tribes and the three fires join together and have a big partie and some like the Green Corn Ceremonys last for days and nights.
  9. Ceremonial dancing was the way the Native Americans celebrating their susses like hunting and harvesting.
  10. Native Americans enjoyed many special occasions.
  11. Some include people going out to war, getting married, or being successful.
  12. The blessing of pollen there most powerful medicine is sprinkled on a Apache Girl for celebrating her age of becoming a teen.d
  13. They mostly lived in the forest in the Northwest territory and that's where there parties toke place by the village.
  14. They have it outside of there village.
  15. Native American weddings are much different then ours for instants there where no flower girls of brides mades.
  16. At the fettle they had a feast first then they talked and the kids played games.
  17. The native Americans found food like wiled pigs and put a apple i it's mouth but they think that it's fancy food so they save it only for celebrations.
  18. The ojibwa had a wild rice feast to celebrate there wild rice collecting.
  19. If a couple separates and goes their separate ways, in the eyes of the Creator, they are still husband and wife.
  20. Every one makes a declaration that they wand to be called husband and wife. Then they smoke from the pipe. Tobacco is offered and accepted by the official.
  21. Brides, Grooms, and Sponsors are dressed in stuff usly made by hand.
  22. Sponsors are older people picked by the bride and groom.
  23. Food items for the feast include deer, raspberries, corn corn soup and many more.
  24. The food gets blessed and then the elders eat first.
  25. The bride and groom have to make hundreds of presents for the people who came.

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  2. //Ojibwe// Moccasin //Game//

  3. Social Aspects of //First Fruits Ceremonies// among the South-Eastern **...**


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