Topic: I want to learn more about weapons.

Questions that will help me learn about my topic:
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1. What weapons do they have.
2. How many weapons do they have.
3. What did they make the weapons out of.
4. Did they let kids use weapons .
5. was there any tribes not use weapons.
6. were they all made out of wood.
7.did they have guns.
8. how many warriors did they have
9. and what animal did they try to hunt.
10. did they have war paint

Take your notes here. Use bullet points to separate your notes. Cite your notes so that you remember where they came from!
  • the potawatime have no weapons.(1)
  • here most common weapons are bow and arrows(1)
  • and some tribes have war paint(1)
  • hunters often had to go far from there camp to find animals(1)
  • there arrow heads were made out of rocks(1)
  • they mostly used spears for fishing(1)
  • they made most there weapons hand made(2)
  • a lot of them rhode horses(2)
  • the anishinabe usealy are out numberd.(1)
  • they made weapons that are harmfull and pretty (3)
  • there arrow head were made out of rocks (3)
  • some tribes have war hachets(1)
  • some wars were fought only on water(1)
  • indians mostly fought white men(1)
  • most wars are for land
  • for fishing they had specile spears(3)
  • they mostly had difrent weapons(1)

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  1. the indian wars
  2. life in a anishinabe camp
  3. nishnawbe

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