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Topic: We want to learn more about Ojibwa House

Questions that will help me learn about my topic:
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1. What do they Ojibwa use to put together Birch Bark houses?
2. Does it ever leak in the Birch Bark houses?
3. Do the birch bark houses topple over in thunder storms?
4.Where is the best place to build a wigwam?
5. Above each fire was an opening in the top of the wigwam to let out smoke but wouldn't the rain, pour in the wigwams? Their was a flap of bark that could be opened and closed at the top of the wigwam.
6. Why are wigwams called wigwams?
7.How long does it take to make a wigwams?
8 What do the ojibwa put inside the wigwams?(A) Their belongings and their beds.
9. How long can the average wigwam last?(A) Just one season.
10. How many can fit in one wigwam?(A) Just one family.

Take your notes here. Use bullet points to separate your notes. Cite your notes so that you remember where they came from!
  • Most Anishinabe lived in wigwams.(3)
  • The word wigwam is means lodge.(3)
  • Wigwams kept the Ojibwa warm and dry.(5)
  • People sat and slept on mats and furs in wigwams.(5)
  • Families often took the wigwam coverings but left the frame there. (3)
  • There are different wigwams for Winter and Summer, the summer wigwams is bigger then the winter wigwams they want the summer one to be bigger so the heat can rise.(3)
  • Their was a flap of bark that could be opened and closed at the top of the wigwam.(4)
  • Wigwams are in the shape of a dome.(5)
  • Wigwams are little round houses that they used in the spring time.(1)
  • The roof was made of overlapping sheets of bark, which were lightweight and water resistant.(4)
  • The wigwam is where they kept most of there belongings.(6)
  • They built there homes to their life styles.(3)
  • Some wigwams had low platforms that have served seats and beds.(5)
  • They had fires in the center of the wigwams.(5)
  • Wigwams are mostly found near croplands.(7)
  • Another name for a wigwam is wickiup.(8)
  • Wigwams were the center of a familys life.(6)
  • In a wigwam a watcher stayed up to make sure the mats didn't set on fire.(6)
  • They built wigwams from the things they found in nature.(5)
  • Wigwams are mostly found near other wigwams(6)
  • Some wigwams had oval bases and others had circular bases.(3)
  • The floors of wigwams were covered with cedar bark.(5)
  • To build a wigwam, the builder's first job is to trace a outline on the ground then dig holes along it.(4)
  • In a wigwam a blanket covered the door.(5)

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3. Nations of the Western Great Lakes book

4. Native Homes

5. The Ojibwa

6. Life in a Anishinabe camp



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