JT and JP

Topic: I want to learn more about American Indian sports and games.

Questions that will help me learn about my topic:
Need help thinking of good questions? Here are some question starters.
1.Did they have rules to lacrosse?Yes
2.Did they have a national sport?
3.How many different sports did they have?6
4.Where there penalty's?No
5.How did they make their bows and arrows?String and Wood
6.Was hunting considered a game?
7.did their goalie in lacrosse have a bigger lacrosse stick?No
8.Did the indians have baseball?
9.Did they have leagues for their sports?
10.did you have to buy a pass to go to a game and watch?

Take your notes here. Use bullet points to separate your notes. Cite your notes so that you remember where they came from!
  • They did have rules to lacrosse
  • The indians had 6 different main sports
  • There weren't any penalty's in there lacrosse
  • There bows and arrows were all made of wood
  • The native american's did not have baseball
  • The indians did not have sports leagues.
  • You did not have to buy a ticket to a sports game because there weren't any leagues
  • They did not have a national sport
  • Pasuckuakohowog is dangerous sport that can cause serious injury.
  • Pasuckuakohowog can last for hours or days.
  • Pasuckuakohowog is a feet sport kind of like soccer.
  • The nets in Pasuckuakohowog are about a half a mile wide and the fields are about a mile long.
  • The Native Americans had a game called snow snake that you would get a long stick and slide it across the snow and whoever's stick slid the farthest won.
  • There is a Native American sport called Rezball.
  • Rezball is a game that helped form basketball
  • Slahal is a game that is like the illegal ball in cup game played today
  • Slahal is a gambling game where people place bets and wagers
  • To the indians hunting was not considered a sport
  • They played games like running races and wrestling
  • They played games like kickball and archery
  • Lacrosse used to be called Baggatiway
  • The little girls liked to play with dolls like little girls today
  • They played kickball with a caribou fur ball
  • They played a game like follow the leader
  • They liked to race each other to see who the fastest indian was.

Copy and paste URLs to good websites or databases that you find here. It will make it easy for you to visit those good websites next time you work on your project!
  1. Nishnawbe p20
  2. http://nativeamericans.mrdonn.org/northeast/ojibwa/kids.htm
3. Wikipedia
4. Life in an anishinabe camp p26 p27
5. http://www.wnit.org/outdoorelements/pdf/412snowsnakes.pdf

Plan for your Final Product
What are you going to create to share what you have learned?
  • Native American lacrosse
  • Native American snow snake
  • Native American Pasuckuakohowog

Final Product