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Topic: I want to learn more about Pontiac's War

Questions that will help me learn about my topic:
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1. How many weapons did they have? Answer: the number kept on growing
2. What types of weapons did they have? Answer: Knives, Shields, Hatchets, Bow's, Clubs, and sometimes French guns.
3. What did they use the weapons for? Answer: Hunting, Fighting or invading.
4. Who made the weapons? Answer: The warriors made them there selves
5. How old did you have to be to carry a weapon Answer: Once you get your manatou which is animal spirit you are considered a man, therefor you can use weapons
6. Why did they make the weapons? Answer: So they could use them to hunt and fight or trade
7. Could the woman of the tribe use weapons? Answer: sometimes
8.Where did they get the weapons Answer: French traders
9. Did they have guns Answer: Yes
10. How did they make the weapons Answer: They normally used deer antlers for knife handles and the widdled wood to make a bow and used horses tail to make the string

Take your notes here. Use bullet points to separate your notes. Cite your notes so that you remember where they came from!
  • Green =Weapons, Red= Pontiac, Yellow= People
  • Pontiac's rebellion was from ottawa (3)
  • Ottawa warriors used hide shields, bow and arrow's,hatchets, knives guns wooden clubs(1)
  • Ottawa come from a name adawe which means, "to trade" (2)
  • Angry about the steel weapons the Ojibwe were using to take hunting territory from them, the Winnebago refused to either trade or allow Ottawa to travel beyond their villages.(2)
  • All the warriors had horses raised in the tribe (3)
  • Fur traders traded guns for furs with the indians (3)
  • 2,000 Ottawa and Neutrals warriors had recently destroyed an Assistaeronon fort in southwest Michigan killing all of its warriors and taking 800 women and children prisoners. (3)
  • In Pontiac's rebellion, one of his plans were, Warriors would go to the building playing a lacrosse game and the sqauws would watch with concealed weapons under there clocks, when a certain signal comes the warriors would grab the weapons and cease the fort (3)
  • Soon ottawa found out about the french weapons (2)
  • Once the ottawa tribe found this out, they teamed up with the Neutrals who had french weapons and attacked Assistaeronon fort in southwest Michigan killing all of its warriors and taking 800 women and children (2)
  • Sqauws used weapons sometimes do defend the camp when the warriors where not there (4)
  • Pontiac led many warriors into battle (3)
  • Pontiac had more than 400 warriors (3)
  • In the end Pontiac surrendered because the fight would keep going on and on (3)
  • Michigan tribes only had traditional weapons which explains why they where fleeing the ottawa (2)
  • The taking of Detroit was Pontiac's special task (5)
  • Tribe adults and teachers taught children everything they knew (2)
  • The word ottawa is spelled differently it is spelled Odawa (1)
  • Ottawa claims they are the original people of the Annishnabeg (8)
  • Pontiac's warriors only used guns to take over fort Michilamackinac (2)
  • Pontiac had 300 men with concealed weapons to take over fort detroit (2)
  • Pontiac used a gun called Rhand (2)
  • Pontiac was born in 1720 (2)
  • Pontiac had more than 400 warriors to disperse the british (2)

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  1. http://www.bigorrin.org/ottawa_kids.htm
  2. http://www.tolatsga.org/otta.html
    3. Pontiac's war By david goodnough

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