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Topic: we want to learn more about what the Ojibwa tribe wore.

Questions that will help me learn about my topic:
Need help thinking of good questions?Here are some question starters.
1. How did they make the clothes that there wear? *
2. Could the wear there clothes different ways?*
3. What fabrics did they use? *
4. Did they know how to make the clothes they wear?*
5. What did the ojibwa tribe wear in the winter? Did they wear scarfs when they got cold?*
6. How did the native americans make the fancy and long headdress for the chief?*
7.Did they wear anything special while doing sports?*
8. Did the ojibwa tribe have any nightclothes to bed?*
9.Did the ojibwa tribe wear any special cloths on holidays?*
10. Did the people who made the clothes ever run out of dead animal skins to make the clothes?*

Take your notes here. Use bullet points to separate your notes. Cite your notes so that you remember where they came from!

  • The ojibwa tribe wore breech cloth and hide moccasins in the summer before the 17th century.
  • Yes, they could wear there clothes different ways.
  • They used animal skins.
  • They wore moccasins and shirts and pants were made out of animal skins.
  • Women made all of garmets worn by there family from tanned animal skins.
  • Close were sewn for kids out of tanned fawn skin and other animal skins.
  • Women made and decorated all of the clothes the native americans wore.
  • Anishinabe women wore long head dresses year round.
  • In warm wether men, wore breechclothes.
  • Boys dressed in similar clothes that the men wore.
  • On their feet the Anishinabe wore moccasins.
  • Women pulled garments over their heads and then secured them with belts around their waists.
  • In cool weather men wore knee-high leggings.
  • Girls wore clothing like that worn like women.
  • The Anishinabe tribe wore and carried special belts, weapons and tools, also known as regalia.
  • The items were made out of wood sells, feathers and horns.
  • In the winter the ojibwa tribe wore warm fur robes and mittens.
  • The ojibwa tribe wore materials that were made from buckskin.
  • Fur and hide skin from animals were used to make moccasins and mittens.
  • Today, ojibwa wear store - brought clothes.
  • Colorful beaded moccasins and mittens became very popular.
  • ojibwa women added details to moccasins and mittens like beads and dyes.
  • these women wore shirts under sleeveless buckskin dresses.
  • ojibwa still wears traditional garments.
  • Women were able to obtain cloth, glass beads, buttons, and ribbon from the european traders.

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  1. www.wikianswers.com
  2. Google
  3. American Indian art and culture the ojibwa pgs 10-11
  4. Life in Anishnibe camp

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