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Topic: I want to learn more about Objiwa Toys & Games.
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Questions that will help me learn about my topic:
Need help thinking of good questions? Here are some question starters.
1.What kind of games did they play?
2.How do you play lacrosse?
3.What is the least popular game
4.How do kids make the toys?
5.What did they make the toys out of? Wood? Stone?
6.Where did they get the materials to make the toys?
7.How long did it take to make the toys?
8.How did they make the toys?
9.How long did the toys last?
10.What is the most popular game?

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  • Some games are lacrosse, dolls, hunting, toys, sep, and fishing.
  • Lacrosse was active and called A Warrior's Game
  • The moccasin Pebble Game is very noisy.
  • Lacrosse was played with two poles. At the end of each pole was a piece of net, shaped like a basket.
The object of the game was to toss a ball back and forth and catch it in the basket at the end of your pole.
Although you could not touch the ball with anything except your net, you could use your pole to hit another player. You could trip players.
  • The least popular game is fishing.
  • They get taught by the parents and do it themerlves.
  • They made the toys out of wood and string.
  • They got the materials from animals and plants.
  • Wood was the most common material for games.
  • They had about one fourth to third for play time.
  • They toys lasted about as long a modern toys did.
  • Wood had to be sanded so they didn't get splinters.
  • The most popular game was lacrosse.
  • They didn't have any certain clothes for games.
  • They needed ten to fifty people for lacrosse.
  • None of the games were dangrous, although you could get hurt in Lacrosse.
  • Quiet games were Sep and Butterfly hide and seek.
  • They also had games like idenifing animals tracks.
  • They also had games like follow the leader.
  • They needed lacrosse sticks for lacrosse.
  • They needed fishing poles for fishing.
  • They needed arrows for hunting.
  • In Butterfly Hide and Seek children were taught never to hurt a butterfly.
  • The children usally fell asleep playing Sep.
  • The winner gets a prize for Sep.

Little girls played the butterfly game. One girl covered her eyes and sang a song. "Butterfly, butterfly, show me where to go." All the other little girls would quickly and quietly hide. The singer had to find them without saying another word. It was a game of skill. If you were observant, you could tell where people were hiding by the marks they left as they moved around.
Sep - Someone would sing a song with very funny words. Without warning, the singer would suddenly stop singing and say, "Sep!" Everyone had to be very quiet until one of the adults picked up the song again. Any child who made a sound during Sep - the quiet period - was out of the game.
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2. from the book Nishnawbe.

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