Brenden and Wasey

Topic: We want to learn more about Ottawa weaponry.

Questions that will help me learn about my topic:
Need help thinking of good questions? Here are some question starters.
1.What weapons did they use?
2.What did they make the weapons of?
3.How did they make them?
4.Did they make the part where the hold it wood? If so how did they get the wood?
5.Who made the weapons?
6.How many people made them?
7.Did the dads teach the kids about weaponry?
8.Why did they make weapons?
9.Can women use them?
10.How old till you can use the weapons?

Take your notes here. Use bullet points to separate your notes. Cite your notes so that you remember where they came from!
  • Used different kind of weapons. (1)
  • Fisherman used weapons. (2)
  • Ottawa used bows,shields,clubs, and arrows. [3]
  • Teachers and tribe adults give students everything they need to survive.[4]
  • Trapes that are used for hunting are deadfalls and snares..[5]
  • All warriors had horses for battle.[6]
  • Fur trade involved tools and weapons.[7]
  • Patawatami and ottawa trade weapons.[8]
  • dads and grandparents teach kids weaponry.[9]
  • The Ottawa tribe hunts with bows and arrows and sometimes set up snares.[10]
  • Fur traders trade fur for guns.[11]
  • Soon Ottawa found about the french weapons and used them for hunting.[12]
  • Ottawa and Ojibwa were angry about steel weapons.[13]
  • Deadfalls are used for big animals.[14]
  • Ottawa warriors killed 8 huron indians.[15]
  • French weapons found their way from the Huron to the Tionontati.[16]
  • Tionontati weapons used the weapons of hunting.[17]
  • With traditional weapons the Michigan tribe needed allies.[18]
  • Without the weapons from the french, the Ottawa did very good.[19]
  • Angry about the weapons, the Ottawa used for hunting, the other tribes did not trade[20]
  • All of the tribes had some of the same weapons.[21]
  • Squaws did use weapons to protect them selves.[22]
  • On the seventh, the trader stores were closed, and they took there weapons.{23]
  • Ottawa is the hunting and gathering tribe.[24]
  • Every boy that was old enough fought in wars with only guns.[25]
  • Teachers and adult teach everything the tribe kids know.[26]
  • Snares are used for small animals.[27]
  • Deadfalls are traps that drop a heavy weight on a large animal[28]
  • The traps and weapons were made by hand with using stone,bone,wood,and feathers.[29]

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