Fab Fables Theatre

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‍Project Directions:

  1. Pairs select and read short fable:
  2. Pairs draft script on wiki (use Firefox to spellcheck)
    • Create a page that starts with Fab Fable, then the title of your fable, then your usernames (for example Fab Fable - The Boy Who Cried Wolf - atw2 jmw11)
    • Tag the page with your usernames, fable, engage
  3. Pairs provide feedback to another pair on their script using the wiki discussion tool
  4. Pairs revise script as necessary
  5. Pairs record and edit their script in GarageBand - make sure that each character has a different "voice"
    • Extension option - Add sound effects with your voice
  6. Pairs post their recording below the title on their wiki page
    • files should be saved with one of their usernames and the word fable in the username (for example atw2fable)
    • files should be exported as an mp3 with the same name, but end in mp3 (for example atw2fable.mp3) - this is the file that should be uploaded to the wiki
  7. Pairs provide feedback to the other pair on their recording using the wiki discussion tool
  8. Pairs rerecord and edit their project as needed
  9. Pairs reupload their finished recording to their fable wiki pages
  10. Pairs listen to others fables and offer positive feedback using the wiki discussion tool

Great dictionary to use: http://www.wordsmyth.net