Michigan Ecosystems PSAs

(Public Service Announcements)

1. Your teacher will give you this graphic organizer:

2. Visit the MTU Tech Alive website. Click on the link to the ecosystem your teacher assigned your group. Read through all of the pages on your ecosystem. Be sure to click on the arrows to go to the next page. Take notes on your graphic organizer as you read.*

*Remember, notes do not necessarily have to be in complete sentences. BUT they must be in your own words -- paraphrase! Do not plagiarize. If you must use the author's original words, use "quotation marks."

Michigan Ecosystem
Rivers & Streams
JP & Bridgette
Fawaz, Sawyer, & Luke
Great Lakes
Lilly M, Sam, Lily A
Helen & Teresa
Nora & Tate
Kylee & Emme & Claire
Jackson, Josh, & Natalie
Leo & Zoe
Storm & Jake
Coastal Dunes
David, Logan, & Nicolae
JT & Grace

3. If you need more information about a threat to your ecosystem, you can visit EEK! Our Earth and explore some of the links there. Be sure to take notes on what you find!

4. Look at the threats to your ecosystem. Choose one that has a lot of information. Start planning your PSA. Use this graphic organizer to write your script: <post here>

5. Create your PSA broadcast using one of the following options:
  • Glogster
  • Flip cam edited w/iMovie or Moviemaker
  • Audacity/Garage Band "radio spot"
  • PhotoStory
  • iMovie compilation of images

6. Create a new page and post your final project to the page. They will be displayed below.
  • Name the page "Ecosystem PSA by your first names". For example: "Ecosystem PSA by Ann & Mandy"
  • Tag the page: "eco psa", "science", and your usernames.
  • No template.

Check out our wonderful final projects!