1. Look at the photographs and images below for inspiration. Many are primary sources. What questions do you have about what is happening in the photos? What questions do you have about the people? What are you interested in knowing more about? On at least 3 of the pictures, post a question that you thought of while looking at the picture. Try to make it a thoughtful question that you would like to research.
Click here for some Question Starters.

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2. Choose 1 research question for your project. Some ideas are listed below. Can you think of any other questions? Make sure your question is about one or more specific Michigan tribes. Michigan's tribes are: Ojibwe/Ojibwa/Chippewa, Huron, Ashinabe, Menominee, Ottawa, Potawatomi.
  • What did this tribe wear?
  • What did the people in this tribe eat?
  • How did the people in this tribe hunt?
  • How did the Native Americans of Michigan feel about the European settlers?
  • Why did the Native Americans start wearing some of the clothes that the settlers wore?
  • What kind of homes did the Native Americans live in?
  • How did the Native Americans change after European settlers came to Michigan?
  • What was it like to be a Native American child in Michigan?
  • How were the Native American tribes of Michigan the same, and in what ways were they different?
  • What was a Native American wedding like?
  • How did Native Americans decide who to marry?
  • What was a Native American family like?
  • What sports or games did the Native Americans play?
  • What kind of education did Native Americans recieve?

3. Create a new wiki page.
  • Title the page "MI Native American Workshop by your names"
  • Tag the page:
    • mi na harv
    • your usernames
    • SS
  • Use the template "MI Native American Workshop."
  • Type your question on the wiki page.

3. Research in books, magazines, or online to find information that answers your question. Take notes!

4. Create an online presentation using one of the projects and tools listed below. You will use this presentation to share your research findings with the class.
Choose a project:
Choose a tool:
Travel brochure or poster
Weather or Climate report
Real estate guide
Recipe book
Travel video or slideshow
Travel guidebook
Diary or Blog posts
Wiki page
Audio or video podcast
Videos - Role Playing or On Location reports
Flash Quiz
Cartoons, Comic strips, or graphic novels
Graphic Organizer
Trading Cards
Jeopardy game
Matching game, states and big cities
Matching game, states and regions
Matching game, states and capitol cities
Timeline of important dates
Vocabulary definitions
State Report
Google Earth tour
Fan Club Website
YOUR IDEA!! (See your teacher)
Flip video camera
Digital camera
Photos of a Drawing/Map
Drawing program (paint)
Your idea!! (See your teacher)