Varible People
Our first experiment:
We are making a swinger.
It swung about 24 times in 15 seconds in a about 45 dergress angle
We made 3 more they swung 11(70), 12(38) and 19 (22) times
We made one 70cm one 22cm and one 38 cm.
Here are the directions:
Here is it done:

Our Secend Exsprement
We saw how long our bout could stay up with a randam amont of pennys. The most pennys we had was 22 and then it sank. We named the bout Bob.
Then Zoe made a bout named Zoe it held 30 pennys.
Then Grace made a bout named Grace and it held 31 pennys.
Then Audrey made a bout named Audrey and it held 14 pennys.
We fond out that the bigger the size of the bout the greater the amont of pennys was.
Our Group Picture: