Topic: I want to learn more about the Anishinabe hunting.

Questions that will help me learn about my topic:
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1.what did they hunt?
2.what kind of tools did they use in hunting? did they get guns? did they hunt? did they learn to hunt? does the hunting season work?
7.what is the biggest thing they hunted?
8.what is the smallest thing they hunted?
9.who hunted?
10.when did they hunt?

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  • they ate whatever they caught.1
  • in early winter they hunted beavers, ducks, and geese.1
  • the rest of the winter they hunted moose, bears, elks, foxes, minks, and rabbits.1
  • they hunt dear year round.
  • they caught small animals in snares.1
  • they hunted bigger animals in deadfalls.1
  • hunters also shot the animals with bow and arrows.1
  • they speared fish with spears.1
  • or, trap them in nets woven with plant fibers. 1
  • before each hunting trip they offered prayers to the animals to sacrifice their lives for the hunters family.1
  • they kill only what they need.1
  • they killed animals, took of their skin, gave it to white men to get animal skin.1
  • they learned how to hunt by learning from fathers, uncles, and male cousins.1
  • hunting season is when the really big animals come out and the native americans go and hunt.1
  • bears are the biggest thing they hunt.1
  • ducks are the smallest thing they hunt.1
  • men are the only ones who hunt.1
  • they hunt all year long.1
  • they never hunt during mating season.1
  • when they caught an animal, they do not waste any part of it.1
  • they eat the animals meat.1
  • they use the animals bones to make tools.1
  • they use the hide for clothing, shoes, bedding, and wigwam coverings.1
  • they use other parts to make medicine and thread.1
  • they used natural pieces to make weapons.1
  • europeans were impressed by there hunting skills.1

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  1. life in an anishinabe camp

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